TheCochinitos, withthe address Mar de Herodoto 38, Col. Los Olivos, Coyoacan in Mexico, FederalDistrict with the zip code 04890, has among it’s objectives, the conviction toprotect personal information, and sensitive facts in whatever case might be providedby an individual person or company, to whom said information would belong, willbe referred to as the “CUSTOMER”. That being said, Cochinitos has establishedthe following ways to protect such information as much as possible, those whichcan change at any moment so we suggest checking them periodically.

1.-Requested Information

Cochinitos can request personal informationfrom the CUSTOMER, with the objective of having a complete personal file, thetype of information required from the CUSTOMER must be full and complete:

A.- Name,personal or business address (street, number, city, state, zip code).

B.- Phonenumber

C.- SocialSecurity Number(U.S) or RFC (Mex.)

D.- Email

2.- Theterm “Personal and Sensitive Information” will have the meaning given to it in Article#3 of the federal law of protection of personal information belonging to individualsor businesses, and so on said in The Law.

3.-Purpose and Use

Cochinitos uses technological resources forthe protection and storage of the information given by the CUSTOMER. Thisencrypted technology codifies and prevents the interception of the informationgiven by the CUSTOMER including credit cards and email addresses. TheCUSTOMER’S information will be used by Cochinitos with the purpose anduse for personal activities of it’s social requirements, and in particular to fulfillfiscal demands, in reference to making fiscal receipts; to provide the servicesand products that the CUSTOMER requires, to inform of any changes that mighthave taken place, and to inform of promotions and to evaluate the quality ofour service. The CUSTOMER authorizes and confirms the veracity of the personalinformation given on any occasion or form filled out, to be used responsibly byCochinitos.

Cochinitos has the right to give informationprovided by the CUSTOMER to any of it’s present or future franchises,nationally or internationally. In the same way the CUSTOMER is in fullknowledge that Cochinitos is free to provide such information to theauthorities that the law might require.

4.-Access, Correction, Opposition, and Cancelation of the Use of Information.

TheCUSTOMER can freely exercise the rights to access, correct, cancel or oppose theirinformation when it is in use in the specified terms of the law, according tothe established legal procedure, to exercise the right of cancelation oropposition to the use of information, an email can be sent to the followingaddresses:

You canalso contact us by phone to the following numbers:




from Mondayto Sunday, in between 9:00-20:00. In reference to access and correction of informationyou can contact Cochinitos through the phone numbers and email addressespreviously mentioned. The CUSTOMER has the right at any time to cancel theirpersonal information according to the law.

5.-Protection of Information

Cochinitos expresses its commitment to protectthe security of the information given by

theCUSTOMER. To do this we use a wide variety of procedures and securitytechnology, to

avoid theilegal access, use or release of information.

6.-Changes in the Privacy Act

Cochinitos reserves the right to periodicallyupdate the present Privacy Act to reflect the changes that our services mighthave. Cochinitos will assume, if not expressed otherwise, that theCUSTOMER has read, understood and agreed with the expressed terms, which grantspermission to the established changes of previously mentioned updates or in theway Cochinitos uses or transmits personal information for uses bywhatever law might apply.


In case ofdoubts or comments to the Privacy Act the CUSTOMER can contact Cochinitos throughthe email addresses and phone numbers previously mentioned. To do this, the CUSTOMERmust reliably and truthfully give Cochinitos the personal or sensitiveinformation that needs to be checked or corrected, the reason why the informationwas given and in general comply with the requirements mentioned in Article #29of the law, receiving an answer in a time span of 15 days.

8.-Present Legal Time Frame

TheCUSTOMER is obliged to respect any present legal norm related to the use andmaking of information systems. Cochinitos extends the present PrivacyAct according to what is given by the law and it’s rules, as well as the normsat an international level.