A Bit of Our History ...

In 1959, in a small town in the Valley of Mexico, two little brothers started a family business selling Mexican food and snacks to travelers passing through the village at the bus station. Years passed and the younger brother continued to work hard, sharing the vision with his next generation.

Thus began the growth of this Mexican company, which managed to position itself in the heart of each of its visitors from all around the world.

Since then, the goal is to serve and please our customers, offering the highest quality in authentic Mexican food in a pleasant family atmosphere.

Our goal and desire is to obtain a smile from each of them by providing them with an unforgettable experience in the Mexican Mexico.


Our Meat comes from TIF Certified Meatpacking Palnts. This means that it has been recognized, inspected and certified by the "National Service for Health, Safety and Food Quality (SENASICA)". Therefore, it complies with the strictest "International Quality and Hygiene Standards" so we can supply the consumer with the best quality meat.

The consumption of pork helps muscle development, bone growth in children and provides nutritional properties such as:

Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth
Protects cells from oxidative damage
Strengthens the immune system
Helps maintain a good blood pressure
Influences the normal functioning of the heart
Helps cognitive development in children

Pork is one of the most consumed in our diet. It is a great protagonist of many recipes, it also has many health benefits. Contains proteins of high biological value. It is a source of essential minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron and of vitamins of group B: B1, B3, B6 and B12. From the above it derives that….

Helps maintain muscle mass and proper bone maintenance.
It facilitates digestion and helps the normal functioning of the immune system.
In pregnancy and lactation, pork is ideal to help meet nutritional needs (proteins, minerals and vitamins).
Regulates hormonal activity thanks to its vitamin B6 content.
It is ideal for athletes due to its protein content, it also reduces tiredness and fatigue (vitamins of group B) contributing to the better functioning of the muscles (minerals).
It is perfect for people with obesity as it increases the feeling of satiety.
Provides vitality as it contains high doses of thiamine, necessary to assimilate carbohydrates in the body.
Contrary to popular belief, it does not have as much fat. For every 100 grams of meat there are only 2.4 grams of saturated fat (less than 10% of what we can eat per day). The fats it provides are monounsaturated similar to those of olive oil.